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            Surf Fish Report

   The beach is just beginning to heat up!

    Santa Barbara Still not many reports from the Santa Barbara and Ventura area.  Strong north winds and upwelling have kept folks off the beach.  I did receive a report today of sightings of big corbina at both Emma Woods (North Ventura) and Carpinteria State Beach.  The sand is loaded with dime to quarter sized sand crabs so it won’t be long before fishing improves.


          Malibu, Santa Monica and the South Bay are continuing to improve.  Leo Carillo State Beach and surrounding areas have kicked out a few white seabass for anglers fishing after the grunion runs using 6″ swimbaits.  Good perch fishing with some fish to 2lbs have been caught from Malibu to Pt. Mugu.  Anglers fishing near inshore rocks have been using lug/blood worms, sand crabs and gulp.  All fished on the Carolina Rig using a very light sliding sinker (1/8th oz) and a short 10″ leader.  Hermosa and Manhattan beach have kicked out a few small corbina.  Look for the bite to get much better here as the water warms.  You’ll find some of the best soft shell sand crabs at high tide just under the Hermosa and Manhattan piers.  Two reports from Torrance/RAT beach have anglers using fly and lug worms to catch several 20+ inch corbina.

                                                                                                                           Tony Yanko With a RAT Beach Corbina

    Orange County from Huntington to San Clemente have been the hot spot for a variety of fish.  Newport and Huntington Beach have been chocked full of corbina, yellowfin and small perch.  The spotfin bite has also been good and these fish seem to be keying in on ghost GHOST SHRIMP WONshrimp.  Halibut fishing after the grunion runs at each of the inlets has produced several legal halibut.  Just look for this bite to get better.  Baits working now include soft-shell sand crabs, worms and ghost shrimp.  Some of the very best surf fishing here for corbina occurs in June.  Fish a medium toward a high tide with a fresh soft-shell egg laden sand crab and hold on!

     San Diego As the water continues to heat up so does the surf fishing.  Corbina, sand bass, yellowfin croaker, perch and halibut are all in the news.  Halibut fishing has been exceptionally good after the grunion runs near the estuary openings.  Corbina have been a bit skiddish–so I’d suggest a 4lb flouro leader and the lightest sinker possible.  Spotfin have been caught at South Carlsbad State Beach and near both the Aqua Hedionda and the Batiquitos lagoons.  A great bait for these fish is ghost shrimp–which you’ll find in Mission Bay.

    What to look for this Month:   Finally, we can hope, the windy and cool May weather is over!  June protends to offer sunshine and warmer water–which are the two factors we need for fishing to improve.  Swell-wise, we will see a small south swell this week followed by a much bigger swell originating from French Polynesia to hit the shore from June 11-20.  This bigger swell is sure to reshape the beach, expose new piles of food and warm our water.  Water temps are averaging 63 in San Diego and 59 in Santa Barbara.  Afternoon winds from the West should range 12-20 knots.  It looks like this upcoming week may have the last “low” of the season followed by warm seasonable weather and some very good surf fishing.

Good fishing out there and send me some reports!

I’ll see you on the beach,


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