socalsurfrate      After yesterday’s big rain and storms lined up like cord wood on the horizon you might be wondering when you will have a chance to go surf fishing again?  California is finally getting back to it’s traditional winter which means a bit less quantity but certainly better quality of fish in the surf.  Today and though the Christmas weekend look for big surf and high winds mixing up the ocean.  Water temps before the storm were in the 58 (Ventura) to 61 degree range (San Diego).  Look for the temp to drop and then rebound in the middle of next week.  Tides, wind and surf look to be excellent for fishing this week but a series of storms may change the timing a bit.  The new moon this week (12/28) and the full moon on (1/12) will offer some great tides for fishing and bait catching through the end of January.     This time of year I will always fish near and around structure (jetties, harbor entrances, inside the bay, etc.) as this is where the fish will find protection from the winter storms.  Grubs, lug/blood worms and ghost shrimp work great this time of year when it’s smart to downsize your sinker and leader and cast your bait right up next to the rocks.                                      Check out our SEMINARS page for more info… SEMINARS: To learn about our seminars click the “seminars” link (under “topics”).  On this page click pictures to enlarge.  

Bacteria Warning: Since we had measurable rain, there is an increased risk of contamination from runoff.  As a reminder: There is a risk of increased bacteria levels for at least 72 hours following any measurable rain-event, usually a tenth of an inch or more. Avoid water contact if you have open cuts and be sure to rinse with fresh water at the beach and shower once home.

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Tracy Decker with a Newport Spotfin