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         Allen Krahenbuhl whitesea basskenneth green SD perchKEATH ENCINITAS HALIBUT

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            Surf Fish Report

      Santa Barbara fishing has been slowed over the last two weeks due to strong Northwest winds and upwelled cool water.  The bright spot has been barred perch fishing at both Campus Point, just south of Fisherman’s Wharf and near Henry’s Beach.  As warm waters move north over the next month look for corbina fishing to improve (starting in Carpinteria) and also watch for the halibut bite to heat up as fish come close to shore to spawn and feed on grunion.       

     Ventura continues to have good perch fishing and is beginning to kick out a few small corbina.  Anglers have been using grubs (motoroil/red flake), worms and sand crabs to entice a bite.

     Malibu, Santa Monica and the South Bay Have still not completely turned on yet.  Winds, cool upwelling and turbid waters have slowed the bite.  Small corbina have been plentiful in the very south end of the bight with the big news being a very good bite on halibut.  Many small fish with a handfull of legal fish to 12 pounds have been caught in the Santa Monica, Will Rogers beach areas.  Continue to follow the grunion run schedules to plan your trip to the beach to target halibut.  This is their favorite feeding and spawning time and this bite will continue to get better.

keath SD corbinaKeath Beifus with a big SD Corbina

       Orange County and San Diego have begun to receive their first flashes of good surf fishing.  Although the water there still need to settle down a bit the fishing for spotfin, corbina, halibut and dinky perch seems to get better everyday.  Again, halibut here have stolen the show with fish taken near the Bolsa Chica Jetties and the Newport Beach Jetties.  Many halibut will transition from the ocean to the estuaries, harbors now.  Fish these areas.  Best baits: lucky craft, rapalla, swim baits, live/fresh dead grunion, anchovy, sardine, smelt (fished on the Carolina Rig).

   San Diego  is so close to crazy good summer fishing.  The water is warmer there and has not turned over.  Beginning next week we will see our first southern hemisphere swells and a return to warm clear water.  Look for that to build and provide good fishing.  Good fishing for corbina, halibut and some nice spotfin has been the news here.  Two of the biggest early corbina were taken just this week.  That’s a great sign that the big fish have come out of the harbors, estuaries, bays..and have begun to look for food on the beach.  Halibut fishing has been outstanding near rock jetties and in the bays/estuaries.  Use the same techniques as in OC but in SD fish in the bay and along rocks adjacent to/or just offshore from, the beach.

    What to look for this Month:  The big story over the last month has been the wind.  Upwelling and Northwest winds have turned the water over along the coast and slowed both nearshore and offshore fishing.  Well, that may be changing soon.  Next week we will begin to see a series of Southern hemisphere swells originating from near French Polynesia.  This is the beginning of the season for south swells.  From June through Sept. we’ll be getting even more swell originating off Veracruz MX….which is where the hurricanes you see in Cabo come from.  All good news as they will bring lots of warm, clear, fish-filled water!

Kevin Lefebvre Works The Hermosa Sand With The Fly!

Tides:  Were coming off a full moon and will see some great tides all the way through next week and up until the end of April.  May has excellent tide movement with perfect tides in the last two weeks of the month for some productive halibut fishing.

Water Temps:  Very tight temperature range due to the winds and upwelling.  SD about 61 to 59 in Santa Barbara

Swell: One to three foot waves and very little swell change for the next 10 days.  We should begin to get our first sizeable swell from the South later next week.  This signals the slow down of swells from the North  and a series of south swells that will bring warm water.

Winds:  Wind should be lightly onshore in the morning with gusts to 20 knots in the afternoon.  Within the next three weeks the wind direction will begin to come from the SW.  SW winds are warmer and lighter than wind from the North.

orange lug

All in all, great weather and conditons for surf fishing…

Good fishing out there and send me some reports!

I’ll see you on the beach,



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