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            Surf Fish Report


    Santa Barbara at it’s best!  Just finished fishing the Santa Barbara area last week and it was as good as it gets.  TIP: If you have a chance in the next few weeks to fish here you might catch a record, or at least a monster, corbina.  Fishing just inside the horseshoe of the Wharf has been great for yellowfin croaker, corbina and halibut.  Both day and night have produced.  We used lug worms and sand crabs for bait on the carolina rig (with a very light sinker).  The sand crabs are thick on the beach here and the water is the warmest I can remember.  From Mira Mar to the harbor you’ll find corbina, perch, yellowfin croaker and halibut on the bite.

BRAD AND KEN SB YFC         Malibu, Santa Monica and the South Bay

Seriously, is it July?  Surf fishing has been phenomenal all along the coast from Pt. Mugu to the Santa Monica Pier.  Malibu and surrounding beaches have been kicking out some huge calico bass from the surf and a few near-legal white seabass.  North of the pier all the way to Wylies Bait and Tackle there has been great corbina fishing, with some fish in the 20-25″ range.  I have also seen several reports of big yellowfin croaker there.  We’ll talk about OC and SD next but just wanted to make the point that both YFC and corbina are being caught from SD to SB.  That’s amazing for this time of year! 

ken stearns corbina 9 2018


Orange County from Huntington to San Clemente AKA, the spotfin mecca!  Before leaving for Santa Barbara I spent a week fishing the Seal/Huntington/Newport area.  It was on fire for spotfin and numerous small corbina…even a few exotic perch were biting too.  The area between the south end of Bolsa Chica and the Huntington Harbor breakwater is great right now for spotfin.  Ghost shrimp and worms seems to be working best but also try clams this time of year.  These fish love a high tide so fish along this stretch from two hours before to two hours after high tide.  One last note:  There was a bone fish caught along the beach near the Balboa pier this week…which is note worthy as they have now been caught in San Diego, Newport and Torrance beach.  In Hawaii these fish grow to over 10lbs and put up a spectacular fight in very shallow water.  Look for this fish to grow and become more common in the next few years and don’t be surprised if one picks up your bait and give you the ‘ol freight train!

San Diego he water here has finally cooled a bit and even though sand crabs have mostly disappeared surf fishing remains excellent.  Corbina, spotfin and stripers are all in the surf.  Many anglers have now moved to using several small sand crabs (matching the hatch) on the beach.  Lug worms along with ghost shrimp, clams and sand crabs have been the bait of choice.  Look for the bite to continue strong as warm water continues to come up the coast from hurricane Sergio and another disturbance right on his tail. 

Perch 17 inch Larry Betancourt San DiegoWhat to look for this Month:  Hurricane Sergio and it’s swells are on their way.  Sergio formed just off Veracruz Mexico and initially had a very southerly fetch.  You can see that today as the swells are angled toward the north on most beaches (check out the HB Cam HERE).  Sergio, now heading west, will turn and move to the northeast and across northern Baja.  This will reignite the swells which will build to well overhead into next week.  If you are planning on fishing a south facing beach get out there on Saturday, Sunday and Monday…just before the new and enlarged swell hits.  To get a better feel for the direction of Sergio check out the animation HERE.  Follow all the hurricanes coming up Baja HERE.

Upcoming tides this week are huge with the new moon, mellowing out in the middle of the month and then returning to big tide swings as we approach the last ten days of October.  These tides will allow for some great fishing and bait catching but do watch how they effect the swell size and current.  On the biggest swell days fish the bay and protected areas as you wait for Sergio to pass.

Water temps are 69 in San Diego and cool to 62 in Santa Barbara–still very warm for this time of year.  Wind will be out of the south west and west over the next week with calm morning winds and gusts to 15mph in the afternoon.

orange lug


All in all, great weather and conditons for surf fishing…

Good fishing out there and send me some reports!

I’ll see you on the beach,



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