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            Surf Fish Report


    Santa Barbara Fished the heck out of this area last week and it’s fantastic.  There are literally billions of sand crabs and the fishing is great because of it.  Some of the hot spots have been 1,000 steps at the Mesa for perch, The Wharf and infront of Graveyards for halibut.  The hot spot has to be Carpinteria where, South of the entrance, you’ll find some of the biggest corbina along the coast.  At one point I could see six corbina to 30″ at once feeding on crabs!  Take some time to pick through the billions of sand crabs here for soft shell, fish early and late with very light line and I guarantee you you’ll land the corbina of your life…and maybe a record.

RUBEN SPOTFIN         Malibu, Santa Monica and the South Bay

Great fishing from Pt. Mugu to Malibu has not changed and remains great.  One angler, just North of Malibu, landed three legal white seabass using 6″ white swimbaits.  Perch are all along the coast here and are keying in on sand crabs and worms.  Halibut are just about everywhere along the coast now with reports of keepers from SD to SB.  Be sure to check HERE for the final grunion run times to better plan your next halibut trip.  These fish feed both before the grunion run and after.  Find where they come ashore, cast out a Rapalla or Lucky Craft and hold on.  There are some monsters out there!  On of the outstanding bites has been along the South Bay from Hermosa to El Segundo for stripped bass.  Fish have been biting both cut squid and Rapalla/Lucky Crafts.  Some of the biggest fish I’ve seen have been caught after dark during high tides.

s corbina


Orange County from Huntington to San Clemente from Huntington to San Clemente have been the hot spot for a variety of fish.  Newport and Huntington Beach have been chocked full of corbina, yellowfin and small perch.  The spotfin bite from Huntington Cliffs to the Seal Beach border has been outstanding.  Spotfin seem to be keying in on soft-shell sand crabs, worms and ghost shrimp.  As with SB, the South Bay and San Diego, corbina fishing is crazy good.  I have seen some really big corbina landed in the last two weeks which means it’s that time of year again for HOG TOWN!

San Diego exceptionally warm water has been slow for perch but incredible for yellowfin croaker, spotfin, halibut and many many corbina.  Great reports from Torrey Pines, Blacks, Carlsbad and Oceanside.  I fished from Carlsbad to Blacks two weeks ago for several days and found great spotfin fishing at Carlsbad and corbina galore at all points South.  Most of these fish (with the exception of halibut on Rapalla/Lucky Craft) are being caught on soft sand crabs and lug/blood worms fished on the Carolina Rig.  Downsize by using 4 or 6lb flouro leader to trick these fish.

s spotfin closeWhat to look for this Month:  Scripps Institute reported last week that sea surface temperatures had reached 78.6 ℉ and topped the record of 78.4 degrees set in 1931.  With today’s new moon we will see some wide tidal changes and will persist throughout the rest of August.  This month will have some of the best tides, almost every day of the year, for surf fishing.  Swells for the next two weeks will be knee to head high with storms pushing swells from Antartica, Pitcairn, Easter Island and Baja…basically everywhere south!  This push will bring even warmer water and may set the new record–80+ degrees.  Check out for constant update of Baja hurricanes and upcoming swells.  Look for light winds running 8-12 knots near shore in the afternoons and several periods of high clouds, humidity and a possible monsoonal shower.

s sunset 2

All in all, great weather and conditons for surf fishing…

Good fishing out there and send me some reports!

I’ll see you on the beach,



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