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            Surf Fish Report

  Santa Barbara has been one of the bright spots between storms.  Down south beaches have been choked with debris but in the Santa Barbara area the beach has really be recovering quickly after each storm.  Maybe the big flood last year cleared much of the debris?  There has been great walleye and big barred surfperch fishing from Leadbetter point to East Beach.  This area was loaded last fall with sand crabs and now has the biggest perch feeding there.  Fishing both at high and low tide has merits in this area, as structure can be found during both tide phases.  Blood/Lug worms, sand crabs and grubs have been working well.  Try a Lucky Craft around the wharf and don’t be surprised if you catch a huge perch or even a silver salmon!

        Patrick Quinlan’s Ventura Striper

Ventura has been kicking out some nice big barred surfperch and this 20lb class striper from Emma Woods.  A fresh lug worm did the trick.

Malibu, Santa Monica and the South Bay OK, once again not so bad here between storms.  Most interesting change I’ve seen in a while with quite a bit of ankle slapping river rock lining the shore.  Much of the sand from Will Rogers to the Santa Monica Pier has been moved.  Which is awesome as it will expose worms, clams and other foods that will fill the inshore trough and quarantee good fishing!  Although I’ve have not seen many halibut from here there has been ton’s of nice barred, walleye and spotfin croaker.  Just look for this area to improve as we move into the spring spawn.  RAT beach continues to offer some great fishing.  Both yellowfin and spotfin croaker have been caught there and it now appears that this area is their spawning grounds.  Fishing will continue to improve here, especially for those using live bait (worms, ghost shrimp, clams) but please try to return as many YFC and Spotfin as possible so they may spawn.

  Keath Beifus with a nice zebra perch

       Orange County Once again, not many reports due to weather but our best report comes from the Newport Jetties.  In the area between the NP pier and the Santa Ana rivermouth drop shot, swimbaits and hardbait rigs have been killing the halibut.  One report included 3 legals in one session!  Perch fishing for walleye and barred has contined good with the best baits being grubs and blood/lug worms.

   San Diego  still has lots of walleye and barred perch with some larger models caught this week.  As expected anglers are still picking away on small corbina (most on Lug Worms) and yellowfin croaker.  It’s early, but I’m predicting that because of the weather this winter there are going to be some big holes filled with huge corbina in the spring!

    What to look for this Month:  We will continue to see squalls of rain and wind move in and out of Southern Califorina througout February.  The biggest change for a huge northwest swell will come in the middle of the month, just as we will also be experiencing astronomical tide swings.  Be careful out there!    Water temps have been around 60 in the South and 57 up Santa Barbara way.  In many areas water contact advisories are in place so do not enter the water with open cuts, etc.    Tidewise, we have some great tides this month that work bookends around the new and full moon.  With the Valentine’s weekend being such a great surf fishing tide be sure to get you chores done early and take your loved one to the beach!

orange lug

All in all, great weather and conditons for surf fishing…

Good fishing out there and send me some reports!

I’ll see you on the beach,



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