Report updated 10/10/20

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Warm water returned over the month of September and brought back surf fishing with a splash. Spotfin in Orange County, perch in Ventura, corbina in the South Bay and just about everything biting in the San Diego surf.

October is traditionally a transition month for surf bait. Sand crabs begin to seriously disappear and clams come to the surface of the sand to spawn. Clams, ghost shrimp, lug and blood worms have always worked well this time of year…this is also a good time to start working the beach with 1 1/2” grubs in search for big Fall perch.

Hurricane Marie is still churning off the Baja Coast and will drive waves and clear warm water this way for the next two weeks. This month also has some very good tides, covering almost three weeks of the month. October, this year, is a Blue Moon month with two full moons occurring in the same month… so look for big tidal movements and an afternoon/evening bites around the full moon periods.

Santa Barbara…Anglers are still doing well fishing the Lucky Craft for halibut in the surf. Some of the better spots have been near the Wharf, inside the harbor sand spit and down East Beach near the graveyard. Corbina and perch have been biting on the spit and near Henry’s beach for anglers using lug worms and Gulp! Sandworms. Lots of Leopard Sharks in the surf with squid and cut bonito/mackerel/perch working well for bait.

Ventura…Quite again along Ventura with some good reports of small, hand-sized perch and a few yellowfin croaker.bill schreiner oceanside corbina

Malibu, Santa Monica and the South BayMalibu all the way down to Torrance have been having some good fishing for corbina, perch and yellowfin croaker. Anglers are finding sand crabs under he pier and pitching them on light gear for some 20+ inch corbina. This has traditionally been one of the best times of year to fish for halibut (with Lucky Craft, Xrap, Kastmaster, Krocodile) for big halibut. Fishing adjacent to the Manhattan, Hermosa, Redondo piers has always produced some big ones.

Orange County…Continues to have some sizzling spotfin croaker fishing. Hot spots include: Surfside, Bolsa Chica, Huntington Beach Cliffs and the Newport Jetties. 20+ fish are common with anglers using mussel, ghost shrimp and blood worms. The fall is typically one of the best times to fish for spotfin…and because it’s also their spawning period there are some really big ones! Perch, yellowfin and a large number of smaller corbina have also been in the mix.

San Diego...It’s red hot here! Spotfin at Torrey Pines, yellowfin croaker by the boat load at Carlsbad and some huge corbina just about anywhere you can find a trough. Anglers have been using lug and blood worms, a few sand crabs for the corbina and slurping ghost shrimp for spotfin. As the surf created by Marie begins to pound the shore fishing will slow a bit…but once it’s over there will be a new batch of warm water and some very hungry fish!

What to look for this Month:

Synopsis: We will see two moderate South swells this month which will improve fishing by bringing/keeping warm water along our coast. A double full moon this month will provide for some great tides and lots of opportunity for bait catching and fishing.

Tides: October has three weeks of great tides. Because of two full moons and one new moon, the tidal changes will be frequent and at times, large. Concentrate on surf fish like corbina, spotfin, yellowfin and perch during these high movement tides and fish halibut during the diurnal or slower moving tide periods.

Water Temps: South 71, North 66

Swell: Our current 1-3′ southwest swell is going to be replaced in the beginning of June by swells from New Zealand. Swells should peak on June 7th, with surf on south facing beaches rising to 6+ feet. ( a good time to fish the harbor :) ). Look for increased Southern Hemisphere swells to begin to bring warm water and sand up from the south.

Be sure to regularly check to see all the hurricanes and swells coming from South to North…these are the swells that will send warm clear water and corbina our way!

Winds: Calm or Light morning winds will be replaced by 19-14 knot westerly afternoon winds. Look for Santa Ana winds to develop during October and take advantage of these days…they are at time some of the very best fishing days of the year because of consistent conditions created by a light off-shore wind.

Once you have a chance to fish please send me your pictures and reports!

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       Grunion Runs: Over for the year :(