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We now have three grunion runs behind us and the halibut have been hopping!

HALIBUT_SB_DRE_06_27_08 Cool winter water temps ushering in the perch and grunion runs have brought large numbers of halibut close to shore.  Grunion runs are always a sign that halibut are on the beach.  Knowing when the run will occur is the key to catching more halibut.  The Dept. of Fish and Wildlife has a great page dedicated to the history of grunion, run dates and legal collection dates.  You may access it here:

Knowing where the grunion came ashore is the true secret to finding the school of halibut that are following the run.  How would I do that?  Well, one method might be putting on a head lamp and spending the night walking the beach and marking their landing area.  The other, certainly a bit easier, is to ask the lifeguard, warden or beach employee if they know where they came ashore.  Many times, you’ll find they have this info and a few more tips too that will lead you to better fishing.  Check out my “Articles” page to read about where and how to catch halibut at the beach.

Besides grunion a great number of sand crabs have made their way to the surface leading to some very good fishing…

Santa Barbara to Malibu:  Lots of legal halibut have been caught near the sand spit, wharf and the East Beach grave yard.  Most on white swimbaits and Lucky Craft Flash minnows.  Perch fishing at Carpinteria, Ventura and the Malibu coast has been good for smaller fish.  Only a few 2+ pounders have been reported.  Both barred and walleye surfperch have been in the count.  The biggest news from the county line area (just above Leo Carrillo State Beach) has been the huge yellowfin croaker biting in that area.  This time of year always been great fishing for YFC in that area with top baits being lug/blood worms and 1/2 ounce gold Kastmasters.

image094Orange County:  Wow, talking about halibut fishing…It’s been great along Cherry Beach, Long Beach and just about every structure spot and rivermouth from Seal Beach to Newport.  A good showing lately for perch and yellowfin croaker—but so many early corbina were caught in the last week that it really looks like we’ll have a great corbina summer!  Look for sand crabs to cover the beach early this year…around 4/15–on…and then watch the corbina come in close to feed like crazy.

San Diego:  Torrey Pines, Carlsbad, Ponto, San Elijo and Coronado have all been kicking out fish.  With the water a bit warmer down here fishing for halibut, corbina, sand bass and perch has been great.  Not full on wide open but some really good days.  Another bright spot has been the striper fishing.  No huge fish, but some 4-8lbrs being caught on strip squid and Lucky Craft Flash minnows fished under bait balls near shore.

PERCH 1 12014Weather and Tides:  Water temps are still a bit cool with 58 in the south and 54 up north.  Good news this week—a new south swell is expected to begin to fill in this week followed buy a larger swell originating near New Zealand.  Both these groups of swells will help to push warm clear water up the coast and into Southern California.  Now comes the beginning of our warm water season and some great fishing too!

DSCN1000Weather wise, look for morning fog and afternoon light winds over the next week.  For tides, we are coming off colossal high and low tides so look for a short break with smaller tide swings, followed by a big tide change again as we approach the new moon week of April 15th.

Fishing for halibut at slack tide periods (one hour before to after low and high tide) is your best bet during this upcoming period.  Fishing perch, spotfin, corbina and yfc will be great during the periods when you find the most water movement.

image116Good fishing out there and send me some reports!

See you on the beach,


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