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Let’s just say that corbina fishing now is incredible.  This is “limit” style fishing with anglers catching and releasing five or more per day.  It’s crazy!


Santa Barbara:  Not a lot of word out of Santa Barbara and Ventura.  Not because fishing’s not good but because it so good everywhere else too.  This week there was a great bite on medium sized barred surfperch along with a report of good corbina fishing at Carpinteria.  Santa Barbara Wharf, Grave Yards, 1,000 steps and Goleta have all kicked out legal halibut.  Ventura has kicked out a few corbina and good perch and yellowfin croaker fishing.

Malibu, Santa Monica and the South Bay have continued to have great fishing.  Santa Monica right down the coast to Palos Verdes we’ve seen excellent corbina fishing (with many fish over 20″).  Perch and yellowfin croaker are also in the mix.  Small sand crabs on very light line have worked best for the corbina with anglers fishing early dawn and late evening.  Hot Tip:  Fishing under/near the peir in the evening has produced some big fish.

Orange County is filled to the gills with corbina!  Huntington Beach, Newport, Surfside and Seal Beach are chocked full of the little buggers.  I’ve had a dozen reports with half catching more than five fish just this week!  The secret has been light line, small hook, light sinker (depending on the surf) and a medium soft sand crab or a juicy ghost shrimp.  Early morning seems to be the best but don’t count out the evening when we are so close to the full moon.  Reports of yellowfin croaker, sargo and halibut in the news there too.

San Diego Talking about GAME ON!  This is probably the best I’ve ever seen in San Diego.  Just this week there were dozens of corbina, halibut, perch, a striper, shortfin and orange mouth corvina caught.  Now that’s a week!  Find the troughs and holes and you’ll find fish.  Fish the jetties and rivermouths and you’ll catch halibut and corvina.

What to look for this week:  Per my tide calendar :-)  Good tides for both fishing and bait catching as we come off the full moon.  This month has great tides–we’re lucky anglers that way!  Swells from the South keep coming this way with Tropical Storm Eugene being replaced by Hurricane Fernanda.  This storm is much larger and will produce swells whose fetch has them coming straight into our south coast.  That may be bad for fishing but once they calm you’ll have some really great clear warm water visiting from Mexico.  I’d guess this storm may help to finally set the offshore season off.  Wind-wise:  Light offshore in the AM followed by moderate 16-20knot winds in the PM.  Water temps are 65 to the north and 73 to the south–a sizeable increase from last week and a good sign that warm water carried by South swells is here.

To follow the migration of hurricanes and tropical storms from beginning to end, check out this site:   it’s awesome and a great tool to plan your off shore and surf fishing trips!

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