Report updated 11/1/20

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     The change of seasons is upon us. Fog will persist along the beach with typical light morning winds and areas of pea soup fog. Northwest swells have been mixing with a growing south swell that will peak around November 7.  This time of year is when the southern swells diminish and the cooler water, from the north, fill in after being pushed to shore for northwest swells originating in the Alaska Basin.  Halibut, spotfin, corbina and all croakers make their way into the bays, harbors, estuaries this time of year. Fish for them at the entrances as they transit in and find then again in the warmer back waters of these bays.  Now is the time of year to fish near rock structure, jetties, etc. Fish will move here for safety from storms and food. Downsize your leader and sinker to reduce the chance of snagging. Sidewinder crabs are now the food of choice for the largest perch of the season who are feeding every day near, around and between the jetty rocks.

joe fish

Santa BarbaraAnglers are having good luck with a strong perch bite on 1 1/2” grubs in motoroil colors using fluorocarbon leader. Perch and yellowfin croaker have also been biting on fresh Lug worms. Lucky Crafts have been producing a few legal halibut below the White Estate, Harbor mouth and near the Wharf. 3” and 4” swimbaits in grunion/anchovy colors have been working for the flatties. Shallow water rock fish and leopard sharks have been biting cut squid along Goleta Beach and Hope Ranch. Gaviota has kicked out some nice buttermouth and barred perch. Biggest “almost” (a.k.a. Long distance release) catch of the week may have been at Hammonds (near the Biltmore) where a reported 40lb white seabass was hooked and lost from shore.

Ventura…and Oxnard have been kicking out some 13” barred surf perch caught on the carolina rigged Gulp! Sandworm.

Malibu, Santa Monica and the South BayFrom Malibu to Redondo 2-5lb bonito are filling in. Fishing a bobber and feather, Kastmaster, Krocodile, etc. (something you can cast far from shore) has been working great for these fish. Smaller perch with a big slowdown on corbina. Redondo Harbor and Tujunga/PCH have been bonito hot spots.

Orange CountyAlamitos Bay jetty to Seal Beach Pier has been kicking out dozens of 2lb bonito. Fish a clear large water filled plastic or wood bobber. 12Lb pink fluorocarbon leader the length of your rod. A red and white or blue and white feather tied to the end will do the job. Very long casts, hard pull to the side to splash the bobber, reel…and hang on!

Huntington cliffs and Bolsa Chica State Beach have kicked out some nice spotfin croaker to anglers using blood worms and ghost shrimp. Look for some of your very best spotfin fishing on days where the surf is calm on a Santa Ana afternoon. Yellowfin croaker are almost everywhere from Newport Pier to Huntington harbor. Most of these fish are small with the bigger fish being caught after dark on long cast lures (kroc, kastmaster, etc.) Along Newport Beach jetties you’ll find some fun fishing for palm sized barred perch using Gulp!, grubs and lug worms.

San Diego...Still quite a few large beds of sand crabs around. You can really feel the season changing here in SD as surf fishing has slowed and the corbina population is now on it’s way to the bays. Barred surfperch fishing has picked up with mostly palm-sized fish. Moonlight beach has probably been the hotspot with several 20” spotfin croaker caught there last week. For corbina, spotfin and perch a great bait now are lug and blood worms. You’ll find a great selection and some good surf advice at Pacific Coast Bait and Tackle in Oceanside. There were quite a few reports of small corbina being caught and this surely is a sign that the mature fish are heading to the safe waters of bays, harbors and estuaries.

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What to look for this Month:  Synopsis: The change of the season is upon us. Fog, light morning winds and both calm and windy days will take us through the month of November. We will see a Southern Hemisphere swell fill in the first and second week of November but that may be the last South swell for the year. Take advantage of the warm, calm, Santa Ana days and plan to move closer to fishing near rocks, inside harbors and from our piers, as the water cools.

Tides: The first week of November has some very slight tides and before the last south swell comes this way would be a good time/tide to fish for halibut. The remainder of November will have some great tides, accentuated by a new moon on the 14th and a full moon on the 30th. Concentrate on surf fish like corbina, spotfin, yellowfin and perch during these high movement tides and fish halibut during the diurnal or slower moving tide periods.

Water Temps: South 66, North 60 (down)

Winds: Calm wind with foggy mornings. In spots, thick fog at times. This month winds will alternate from flat calm to 20 knots from the west. Take advantage of the Santa Ana condition days…these are truly some of the best surf fishing days of the year.

hurricane snip

Swell: The battle of the swells is a sure sign of the change of season. Next week we will most likely have the last south swell of the year. Storms and swells from the Alaska Basin will push cooler water (and weather) our way. Bonito, perch and big yellowfin croaker always thrive in cooler water and the upcoming winter is setting up to provide us with some good surf fishing. Remember, fish are now hunkering down for winter. They are moving into bays and are hunkering down around any rock or group of rocks that provide protection from winter and a source of food. If you see mussel growing on the rocks or sidewinder crabs running across them you can be sure there are fish in the water there too.

Be sure to regularly check to see all the hurricanes and swells coming from South to North…these are the swells that will send warm clear water and corbina our way!

Once you have a chance to fish please send me your pictures and reports!

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