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     I hope you had a chance to hear Wesley Brough speak at the Fred Hall Seminar.  The fish he catches from the beach are amazing!  Wes was telling me that the next three months of the year are his favorite for surf fishing the Pacific Coast of Baja.  When you go to Cabo, and every angler must one day, catch up with Wes and have him take you fishing.  His services are superb and prices are a bargain.  He can be most easily reached on Facebook under the name of cabosurfcaster.   Over the last two weeks here are a few of the fish he’s landed…


     While back here on the Southern California beaches….We have had just a few reports over the last few weeks due to the expected April and early May winds.

Quiet up north toward Santa Barbara but some great reports from Santa Monica to Malibu of perch, yellowfin croaker and halibut.  Several 30+” halibut have been caught by anglers using lucky craft and fishing adjacent to or even between rows of rocks just offshore.
Huntington Beach has kicked out some big spotfin croaker this week.  Best bait has been soft shelled sand crabs and ghost shrimp.  Look for the bite to be best in Bolsa Chica and near the Huntington Cliffs.
San Diego takes this week’s award with multiple tanker corbina.  Corbina fishing from Carlsbad to Torrey Pines has been exceptional!  Plus, we have a great sign that the water temp is near normal with barred surfperch being caught at San Diego beaches.  For corbina fishing I’d rig up with a 4 or 6lb fluorocarbon leader, #2 or #4 black Owner mosquito hook and a soft sand crab.  Keep tight to your sinker at all times, fish very near shore and reel down the second you feel your bait picked up.  Finding troughs this time of year is essential in finding the fish because corbina will pass along the trough edges looking for exposed sand crabs.
Water temps in the south have been around 60 degrees with temps around 57 up north in Santa Barbara.  Winds will remain light with afternoon winds to about 15 knots.  Unfortunately, the wind is still coming out of the north.  Within the next two weeks the wind will change direction and come from the southwest…this is when you know summer is here and the fish are biting.
Swellwise, we are looking at small surf from the northwest.  Probably chest high at the largest for the next two weeks.  Then around the middle of May we have a good shot at our first sizeable south swell with two chances coming up the Pacific from French Polynesia and New Zealand.
Tidewise, (check your CCA Calendar or get one in our store we have some great tides though out the month of May.  This month has always been a great surf fishing month.  You’ll find lots of sand crabs and many hungry corbina…all of whom have just come out of their winter hiding places and are looking for food.
We sure hope everyone can come to one of our on-the-beach seminars this summer…It’s going to be a blast!

Good fishing out there and send me some reports!

See you on the beach,


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