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    Great surf fishing continues as the beach makes it’s transition to winter.  The big story the past few weeks is the large number of stripped bass being caught from Jalama to the North all the way to the Mexican border.  Stick baits have caught fish at almost every beach with most fish in the 4-8lb range.  Besides striper news it’s time to start thinking about winter baits and spots.  Grubs, ghost shrimp, worms, sidewinder crabs are what fish will be looking for.   Look for good surf fishing to continue and a great season for slab perch as the water cools and they fill in along the beaches.


Santa Barbara is just one of the spots holding stripped bass now.  From Jalama to the Mexican border stripers have been caught at just about every beach.  In SB and Ventura perch and halibut fishing remains good with the best spots being near Stern’s Wharf, in front of the cemetary just south of East Beach and below the Mesa near Hope Ranch.



Malibu, Santa Monica and the South Bay have continued to have great fishing.  This week I received several reports of stripers at Santa Monica, Dockweiler Beach and even R.A.T Beach just south of the Torrance Ramp.  Torrance has also kicked out some small corbina and spotfin croaker caught on bloodworms using the Carolina Rig on light line.  Orange County has continued to kick out great fishing for spotfin croaker, yellowfin croaker and some big perch.  Corbina fishing has begun to slow here but anglers fishing the inlets to the Bolsa Wetlands, Cherry Beach and the harbor entrances have still been landing a few–with several over 24″!

      San Diego has been epic!  Over the last couple of weeks the striper fishing (using Lucky Craft, Rapalla XRap and the Colt Sniper stick bait has been epic.  The best spot for these fish has been near the entrances to estuaries, etc.  In addition Torrey Pines has kicked out numerous halibut and yellowfin croaker while Carlsbad continues to produce corbina and some nice spotfin croakers on the last of this year’s sand crabs.  

     What to look for this Month:  Now is the time of year that we find transition at the beach.  Corbina are making their way off the beach and into the harbor, bay or estuaries.  Surf fish are ending their dependency on sand crabs and transitioning to common winter forage like, sidewinder crabs, ghost shrimp and worms.  Per the CCA Sportfishing Tide Calendar:  Neap (small) tide swings this week and then better tide movement later this weekend as we make our way into the full moon phase.  Water temps have stayed warm with 62 to the South and 58 up North.  Look for water temps to begin to drop into the 50′s over the next few weeks.  Swell-wise we’ve seen the end to our South swells as they will now be replaced by NW  swells coming out of Alaska’s Aleution Islands.  Surf over the weekend will remain small with a larger NW swell filling in next week.

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2018 SportFishing Tide Calendar