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RAY NPBIt seems the beaches are beginning to reopen and folks are finally getting a chance to fish. In L.A. County, as in San Diego, Orange, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, beaches are open for active use. I’ve been in contact with Mayor Brand of Redondo Beach over the last few weeks and he has given us some good advice: Last week, Mayor Bill Brand of Redondo Beach, during a conference call with the County Health Department and the Department of Harbors and Beaches, brought up the question about surf fishing on LA County beaches.
The Director of the County Health Department and others agreed that surf fishing is a gray area and has not been discussed. As such, those who choose to participate in surf fishing should follow the COVID guidelines by distancing, wearing a mask while fishing and should be moving down the beach while fishing. Sand spikes, stationary anglers, easy-ups, coolers, etc. are not allowed at the beaches. Provide you follow the above guidelines it should be okay to fish. The Mayor asked that should a lifeguard or peace office ask you to leave or move on please do so.

This week when I spoke to the Mayor he reminded me that there is no specific regulation against surf fishing and as long as we abide by the distancing rules we should be fine. Complete opening of the LA county beaches is expected in about two weeks.
In the meantime, feel free to go surf fishing on LA county beaches, while employing safe distancing, masks and continuous moving. If asked to leave the beach by a peace officer or lifeguard please comply.

Santa Barbara…Beaches are open here along with the Goleta Pier. We even heard that a few folks have been fishing on the Wharf? Really good reports from SB with a slacking of the red tide and very good perch fishing from Refugio to Carpinteria. Halibut fishing has been good here with legal fish caughtKEN NPB at the harbor entrance, graveyards (south of East Beach) and near the Goleta pier. Lower water temps look possible with strong afternoon winds but water temps will quickly recover as warm, clear water begins to flood in from the south. To get an up-to-the-minute report give Capt. Tiffany, at Hook, Line and Sinker: 805-687-5689

Ventura…Beaches have reopened. Parking is limited. A few reports of good perch fishing at both McGrath State Beach and Hollywood Beach.

Malibu, Santa Monica and the South Bay…Most of Malibu is open but parking is very limited with some public parking now available. No report this week from Malibu but some good reports of corbina, yellowfin croaker and perch showing between the Santa Monica Pier and Wiley’s Bait. Torrance beach has been kicking out some perch with one report of a 21” corbina caught there. From the South Bay all the way to San Diego, sand crabs have been found in good numbers, especially by those looking under the piers.

Orange County…Most of the beaches in Orange County are still open but all of the public parking lots have been closed. Fishing here, as usual, is phenomenal. Spotfin, corbina, perch and an occassional striper are all in the mix. The biggest news is the giant amount of yellowfin croaker. From LongBILL S CORONADO CORBINA Beach to San Clemente there have been some wide-open bites on yellowfin. Look for this to continue as their spawn reaches a frenzy. Great baits for these fish are 1/2oz Kastmasters/Krocodiles, Gulp! And Lug Worms. Newport Beach has had some exceptional perch fishing near the jetties. Just be sure to go early or late to grab one of the few public street parking spots.

San Diego...Beaches are open for active recreation but I have had several folks tell me, as of yesterday, that they were asked to leave the beach by the lifeguards. The good news is that I know Coronado is open and have received some great report of perch and some nice big corbina being caught there.

Red Tide: It’s good to see that the red tide is now breaking up and is mostly streaky in areas. If you fish a spot with heavy red tide move on and look for streaky areas where fish will be concentrated.

Remember: Very limited parking everywhere and subject to closure at any time. Use the web cams for each beach to determine if they are open, crowded, etc.

What to look for this Month:

Synopsis: A massive coastal eddy has taken possession of Southern California….just as expected. Rotating counter clockwise, the eddy will bring fog and a southwest wind to most beaches. The coastal eddy will also bring warm, clear water from the south and better fishing every day!

Tides: We end May with and begin June with some great tides! June 5 is the full moon and June 20 is the new moon. Look for big tidal movements and grunion around these tides. The entire month of June has awesome surf fishing and bait catching tides.

Water Temps: South 66, North 55 ( Water cooled this week and will warm over the next few weeks)

Swell: Our current 1-3′ southwest swell is going to be replaced in the beginning of June by swells from New Zealand. Swells should peak on June 7th, with surf on south facing beaches rising to 6+ feet. ( a good time to fish the harbor :) ). Look for increased Southern Hemisphere swells to begin to bring warm water and sand up from the south.

Be sure to regularly check to see all the hurricanes and swells coming from South to North…these are the swells that will send warm clear water and corbina our way!

Winds: Light morning winds from the southwest will be replaced by 10-15 knot westerly afternoon winds.

Once you have a chance to fish please send me your pictures and reports!