I’ve Got a Plan…


     Each January I take time to look forward into the New Year, set a goal and make a plan to figure out how I’m going to make it happen.  One of my first tasks is to begin planning my year of surf fishing.  Time management not only helps us get important things done but

Striped bass fishing in estuaries, bays and along the beach with Greg Silks


Striped Bass Fishing in Estuaries, Bays and Along the Beach By Bill Varney Jr. Over the last few decades there were so few stripers caught in the Southern California surf that catching one was almost considered a miracle.  Yet, over the past several years stripped bass catches have increased dramatically for anglers fishing estuaries, back

Shore Fishing in the Bay

Mark Gauvin Corbina

Shore Fishing in the Bay By Bill Varney Jr. Wind and waves pound the coast and make surf fishing difficult in winter.  It’s no fun for the fish either.  Both food and a safe home along the open beach are scarce in winter so most surf fish move inside bays, harbors and estuaries during these

What is Light-Line Surf Fishing Anyway?


WHAT IS LIGHT-LINE SURF FISHING ANYWAY? By Bill Varney Jr. Every week my mailbox is flooded with questions about surf fishing.  Surprisingly, a good number of folks often ask me the difference between light-line and the old fashioned style of surf fishing we once practiced.  So I’ve put together a few of the questions anglers

Finding The Perfect Surf Rod

Congratulations to Scott...The Winner of a New Cousins/BV surf rod!

Finding The Perfect Surf Rod By, Bill Varney Over the years we’ve had some great on-the-beach surf fishing seminars and have seen thousands of different rod and reel combinations make they way to the sand.  Some have been right on the money and others, well let’s just say, were a bit lacking. When it comes

Fall Fishing Road Trips

leo carrillo beach

Fall Surf Fishing Road Trips By Bill Varney Jr. The warm days of summer is a great time to get out for a surf fishing road trip but the truth is, I really enjoy hitting the road in fall with cool mornings, warm days, empty beaches and great fishing. Two of my favorite spots to

Clams and the MLPA


CLAMS AND THE MLPA Fishing with clams and clearing the water      This time of year always brings me a laugh.  A few years ago when my son was on the surfing team he came home one day with a story about a young surfer who was thrown from her board, hit the bottom, and

Candy Bait for Corbina


Candy Bait For Corbina When spring rolls around corbina have been hole-up in bays, harbors and estuaries.  As the water warms they know it’s time to leave these safe confines and make their way to the beach.  As they spread out along the shore corbina search for the fine odor of fertile sand crabs and

Finding Halibut at the Beach

Another halibut falls for the lucky craft!

 Finding Halibut at the Beach I’m often asked: what is the best tasting fish from the surf?  Well the truth is, I release all of my fish back into the water with one exception—the occasional legal halibut.  And it seems like I’m not alone.    California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife (formerly Fish and Game) has

Bait Presentation at the Beach


Bait Presentation At The Beach         I’ve always said that the most important thing in surf fishing is having a sharp hook.  So the second most important thing must be bait presentation.  Presenting your bait in the most natural manner so that fish don’t know the difference between a bait with a hook in