Carolina Rig

This is the traditional Carolina Rig. The Carolina is a year-round set up that works for corbina, perch, yellowfin croaker and all other surf fish. Use a 1/4th ounce sliding sinker in calm surf conditons and a heavier sliding sinker in larger surf. I use a snelled hook and knot for stretch and strength. In the summer, when fishing for corbina, it’s a good idea to use florocarbon leaders. Tie some extra leaders and keep them with you at the beach so you can change them quickly in case one breaks or becomes knotted.

Corbina Swivel Rig

The Corbina Swivel Rig is used with sand crabs for bait. The flourocarbon leader helps to hide the rig from sight. Match your hook to the size of your sand carb. Bury the hook into the crab, hiding it from sight. Make sure the business end of the hook is protruding slightly from the shell in order to hook the fish. The rig can be used with and without the pinch-on weight. Try the rig without the weight in an outgoing tide. Let line out as the bait pulls away from the beach. This form of fly-lining can be irresistible for corbina. Also, change the hook to a worm hook and try your luck with a bloodworm.

Uni to Uni Corbina Rig

The Uni to Uni corbina rig removes the swivel and helps to make the bait presentation more appealing to fish. Shorten the leader in larger surf and make it longer when the surf conditions are calm. On an outgoing and receding tide you can remove the sinker and flyline the bait. Put your reel in freespool, and the offshore pull of the receding tide will take you bait out and give it a natural presentation. Remember, when using fresh crabs they have a tendency to dig themselves into the sand and be out-of-sight from the fish. Give the rod tip a twitch, every once in awhile, to pull them back to the surface.

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