Surf Fishing with Grubs


Surf Fishing with Grubs By Bill Varney, Jr. As the warm water of fall begins to cool sand crabs go into hibernation. Meanwhile, surf fish continue to scour the surf for any forage to carry them though the year.  Because food becomes scarce in the winter months fish are always looking for an opportunity to

Ten Tips Before You Hit The Beach


Surf Fishing Be Prepared: Ten Tips Before You Hit The Beach   Nothing is worse than hitting the beach for a great surf fishing session and having your equipment let you down.   By preparing a few important items before you reach the beach you’ll be guaranteed to have a much better chance of catching fish. 

Surf Fishing Kauai, Hawaii


Surf Fish Road Trip Surf Fishing in Kauai “When the winds of winter whip across the beach we sometimes dream of the warm invitation of tropical places.”Every time I go surf fishing in the Hawaiian Islands I’m always amazed by how many new things I learn. Although the islands are surrounded with some of the

Five Top Surf Baits for Free!!


Five Top Surf Baits (You Can Collect for Free!!)      There’s nothing better than live bait for catching surf fish. California’s beaches, estuaries and harbors are loaded with bait you can collect for free. All it takes is a little time, patience and the right tide to collect what you need for a great day

Surf Fishing for California Halibut


Surf Fishing Techniques For California Halibut By Bill Varney Photo Contributors Arthur Lai, Andre Weckstrom I’m asked all the time what is the best tasting fish from the surf. Well the truth is, I release all of my fish back into the water with one exception—the occasional legal halibut. And it seems like I’m not

Staph Infections and Surf Fishing


Staph Infection Emerging–A Serious Surfer Ailment 1-6-2007 by Corky Carroll This article is important for anyone who will come in contact with the ocean Last week I presented some information on an ear problem that many surfers have commonly called “surfer’s ear”–something that has come into my life many times. Less frequently takes surgery to

Surf Fishing Bolsa Chica State Beach


ROAD TRIP Evenings at the Beach Surf Fishing Bolsa Chica State Beach By Bill Varney, Jr. It’s a warm spring evening and I can feel a surf fish pulling at my line as I look back to see if the boys have started the fire yet. Today we decided to leave work a bit early

Surf Fishing Baits for Summer


Surf Fishing Baits For Summer By, Bill Varney Jr. When baseball’s in season and school’s out you can bet it’s summertime. With each summer comes a new harvest of bait for the surf fisherman. Natural baits seem to work best in the summer when fish are finding worms, clams, shrimp and crabs as they emerge

Finding Fish at the Beach


Surf Fishing Finding Fish At The Beach By Bill Varney Jr. Huge churning swells from strong Pacific storms make it impossible to fish the surf at times during the winter.But these same storms also produce new fishing areas by forcefully creating underwater structure that fish call home.Storm surf along with tidal changes, riptides and inshore

Light-Line Tips for Winter Fishing


Surf Fishing: Light-Line Tips For Winter Fishing By Bill Varney Jr. A long stretch of sandy beach rolls out like ribbon from beneath your feet. You can smell the crisp fall air and hear the warm clear water as it slaps the beach. Fall is here with winter on the way and while most offshore