Month: December 2017

  • Clams and the MLPA

    Clams and the MLPA

    CLAMS AND THE MLPA Fishing with clams and clearing the water      This time of year always brings me a laugh.  A few years ago when my son was on the surfing team he came home one day with a story about a young surfer who was thrown from her board, hit the bottom, and […]

  • Candy Bait for Corbina

    Candy Bait for Corbina

    Candy Bait For Corbina When spring rolls around corbina have been hole-up in bays, harbors and estuaries.  As the water warms they know it’s time to leave these safe confines and make their way to the beach.  As they spread out along the shore corbina search for the fine odor of fertile sand crabs and […]

  • Finding Halibut at the Beach

    Finding Halibut at the Beach

     Finding Halibut at the Beach I’m often asked: what is the best tasting fish from the surf?  Well the truth is, I release all of my fish back into the water with one exception—the occasional legal halibut.  And it seems like I’m not alone.    California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife (formerly Fish and Game) has […]

  • Bait Presentation at the Beach

    Bait Presentation at the Beach

    Bait Presentation At The Beach         I’ve always said that the most important thing in surf fishing is having a sharp hook.  So the second most important thing must be bait presentation.  Presenting your bait in the most natural manner so that fish don’t know the difference between a bait with a hook in […]